neděle 9. listopadu 2014

Veronica from the Czech Republic wrote about her experience in Turkey

On the week of 10.10-17.10.2014 we went to Turkey. The closer was our meeting with the family, the more nervous we were. But now I see our nervousness was ultimately unnecessary. Our Turkish parents welcomed us very nicely. I would say that all my friends who came with me to Turkey would agree with me when I say that our Turkish "foster parents" were very friendly, helpful, kind and included us as a family member. They asked us if everything was okay all the time and were willing to help us with every problem. Likewise, I loved the sights we visited and worked at, thanks to the Turkish teachers. All places were magical and very beautiful, whenever we had a question we could ask any of our Turkish friend who answered it to us. I also loved the filming of movies in groups. Children from Turkey always told us their ideas and we approved these good ideas, or we rearranged them a bit, and then we started filming. We always had one teacher in the group, who helped us and advised what to do. I think the most fun we enjoyed was in Ephesus, where we were finishing our films. On the last day, when we all said goodbye to each other, a couple of kids from Turkey said they would like to come back to Prague, we reassured them that we would love to welcome and see them here. I hope to continue to be in contact with children from Comenius. Many thanks from Veronika from Prague!

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