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Turkish students wrote about their experience with international visit

The time we spent in İzmir with our Comenius friends was a week to remember. Before hosting my friend at my house, as I’ve experienced some Exchange programs before, I knew that it was going to be so much fun to spend a week with a foreign-friendthat I’ve never met before. As I was the host, I showed İzmir and tried to introduce Turkish culture to my Polish friend and recognizing the big differences between our cultures ( especially hometowns) was very amusing. I’m looking forward to visiting Poland back, as it is going to be a very strange experience for me. DENİZ ALKAN
Hi!I am Simge and I am one of the student of Comenius Project.First of all I want to tell about my experience. Last year I went to Prague with my 6 friends and a teacher.We visited lots of places,we ate special things there and all of these things helped me improve, for example, I have more friends than I had last year or I have learnt some historical and interesting information. And the most important experience in Prague(form me) was learning how to be a teenager there. Now I can compare different countries. After a week we came back to Turkey we waited for 7 months until our friends came from Prague , Sicily and Poland. When they arrived İzmir we went to eat some special Turkish food like Döner and I guess our friends liked it. The following days we visited historical places in İzmir.for example Bergama and Ephesus (which were popular in the antigue ages) then we visited Şirince which has really good atmosphere and special jam,soap…while we were visiting them we had a responsibilty about the Project. OUR FILMS! We took some of our films in these places and after the shooting we editted our films in the school. I want to say something special about this projetct; this Project made me better in every way.I improved myself and I learnt that everyone can have real friends who are not from the same country. With Veronika, Iva ,Linn, Matlyda, Pavel, Cyril, Iga… I understood that I am so happy to have known these people and having friendships with them  SİMGE ASLAN

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